Monday, December 7, 2009

what a week

I dont even know where to begin recounting my favorites over the last week.

i'll start by saying im addicted to:
If i can't have you- Etta James and Harvey Fuqua
I never loved a man the way i love you- Aretha Franklin
frankensteins Monster wants a wife- Blaster the Rocket man

My beautiful mother turned 50 on wednesday! and that same night we celebrated
our LGBT brothers and sisters at APU with a beautiful spoken word/music/art night.
My incredible roommate brought the house down. As for our songs...haha they were entertaining, we'll leave it at that.

Thursday night we ventured to the land of Cal Arts for Laurens art show. We certainly weren't in Kansas anymore. It was a crazy night, we had a blast. the best thing i heard all night was "rub yo' nipples and blow them bubbles bitch!," in response to our bubble gun.