Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where did december & January go?

Between finals, the holidays, traveling, and planning my GLT i have not had time to make my weekly lists.
Actually, i have been making lists but not the good kind. Rather, the kind that say " order books, doctor appointment, visa application, etc."
December and january have been full of all nighters, dancing, $2 chuck, road trip, friends falling in love, friends falling apart, eating a lot, nostalgia, coffee, thrifty treasures, and by far the most laughter one can experience on a daily basis. not to mention some tears too.

We had a picnic

the wonderful Kyle Neal recorded some of my stuff for the first time.

Redding was the first stop on our road trip, and the best stop at that.

We spent New Years in San Fran!

Estee and i let our impulse get the best of us on Haight, and now we have permanent souvenirs.

As for January, planning and moving has consumed my time.
I'm Headed to Kathmandu in a few weeks, and i still dont know much of what im doing or what's going to happen. But i'm not freaking out...yet.

I will do my best to update the blog while im there because people (like my mom and grandma) might actually want to read it. I also might have to learn to elaborate more because lists just don't work when you're trying to convey life on the other side of the world.

As for my newest music addictions-
i have rediscovered music i loved in high school and given it another chance.
bright eyes- Im Wide awake it's morning & Lifted
RX bandits- And the Battle Begun
& Noah and the Whale

Go find a few albums you havent listened to in years, you'll be surprised what your ears hear now.