Friday, August 20, 2010

itchin' for ink

"May my soul bloom in Love for all existance." -Rudolph Steiner
Rudolph steiner has shaped my life in more ways then i am aware of considering he created waldorf education. This quote is (at this point in my 21-year-old know-it-all faze) what i live by. Poppies are my favorite california wild flower, their color is incomparable to anything else, and i think they'd compliment this quote quite nicely as a tattoo.

My mom has worn this bracelet since she was my age, and for the last few years i too wear one. I'd love for us to eventually get this put on both of our arms permanently.

I have wanted a Mucha piece for a while now. She is by far my favorite because she is adorned with both wheat and poppies. if i were to commit to putting this lovely lady on my body, she would most definitely be a tribute to mama.

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